Random Stuff, 'Why ? (a little about this website)'

Random Stuff, 'Why ?, about this website'
Ok here is some quick and dirty justification for this website, what i think i am doing and what if anything i think i will achieve. If that sounds like i pretty lofty aim, its damn true, i have delusions of grandeur and this maybe one of them. My website has however continued to keep going for considerably longer than my other delusions so maybe something good of it.

Because i don't really feel the urge to write a great work on this i will go for a quick Question and Answer session, from questions that i have sometimes asked myself and have had other people ask me, if YOU want to ask something don't be afraid i cant hurt anybody safely hidden in the net, so mail to amimjf (at no spam please) gmail.com,... so here goes i decided not to put the names of the people asking these questions to protect them,.. :-)

Q: Why amimjf ?
A: Well the first three letters are from Amiga, the computer that i was brought up on and became obsessive about, the second three letters are my initials (Matthew Jonathan Fletcher),... amimjf came in a moment of madness when i was asked for a login, i came up with something quick and have used it since.

Q: Why no pictures of you ?
A: Although my ego is pretty big, and is getting bigger, I'm still not so big headed to think that people will want to look at me, the Internet forces us into a different kind of social interaction, that is not based on first visual impressions, i quite like that idea, hence no pictures.

Q: Why is it so big ?
A: Well, i just started it and have continued in a fairly sporadic fashion ever since, i just grow the site as i add more sub sites and more pages, i decided a while ago not to remove anything (even if people ask me to), i just add more. In effect i think i am trying to create a permanent record of my life and interests over, well as long as I'm interested in this kind of thing, which i hope will be a long time.

Q: Does anybody ever look at this page ?
A: Lots of web spiders do (the things search engines use to list pages), but a few thousand people have looked at the various pages over the years, mostly people i know but also, in a quite satisfying manner people i don't.

Q: Why is the spelling so bad ?
A: I cant spell,... simple. Well I'm a lot better than i once was, (now come the excuses) but all this is hand coded HTML, the swapping between HTML & English confuses me, or, there are no decent web editors for Linux that support spell checking in a usable fashion (and no star office does not count).

Q: Why are there so many buffy pictures ?
A: Its one of my obsessions, i believe in an 'all or nothing' way of life, either i wont do it, or I'll do it to an extreme.

Q: Do you really do software engineering ?
A: Yes,.. of course, not all geeks are sad and boring (some are of course), but I'm not, i try to spend a fair amount of time in the real world, which is always fun.

Q: Don't you mind people reading some of the personal stuff ?
A: Not really, as i will probably never meet them its not a problem, the Internet is so anonymous that i don't see why i shouldn't bear all,.. there's nothing here that other people haven't done a thousand times over before anyway, just that this time its my turn. It only gets a bit dodgy when people i know read it when I'm there, which i try to avoid.

Q: Your (weird / nice / funny / sad / unique / geeky) ?
A: Yes, thanks, i don't try to be the same, i try to be different, i don't mind being a stereotype if you need one, i don't mind being 'nice', despite the fact that my old English teacher (Mrs Hayes) hated the word nice cos it means nothing. Honestly all this stuff is not a joke or bullshit, i meant it all when i wrote it.

Q: Some of this stuff scares me,. ?
A: Why ?, if you don't like it tough, i didn't force you to. Don't be scared of the unknown there's no reason to be.

Q: Just how big is this website ?
A: Bloody big,. if you count,. all the extra website besides my personal one,. its (on 18/06/2002),. 41,884,517 bytes big,.. which i can assure you is not small, but then again i have been working on the thing for about half a decade now,.. and it kinda just builds up you know.

Q: What's all this (at no spam please) stuff
A: Well back in the good old days of 97/98 when i first started to use the Internet and started to create this page spam was not a problem, indeed very few people used the Internet at all. So like a good net citizen (that was the buzzword name for the interweb back then) i put my full email address on this website so people could contact me. However in the here and now of 21/02/2004 I'm getting (before ISP rtbl filtering and spamassisin) doing there bit i get 100 spams a day. It had to change, maybe in a few years i will change it back.

Q: The compiler page is a bit geeky.
A: Yep, but its fun and i do it for a living.

Q: You paid to host this crap of 20+ years.
A: Yep,.. i dont like dead links !

that's all folks