Look, before you get the wrong idea this page was not really my idea, (no honist), it sprung forth from the idle minds of students who should have been doing work, for my part i just made these pictures available so that we could show off to others.

Just what is a man supposed to do,..?, well i dont know and i dont really care,. but what i do have is a fairly large collection of desireable females for your pleasure (collected by me and associates). If any of you folks want to send me anti-sexisum hate mail than thats ok, i will bounce like a rubber ball.

If you are after smut or filth there are pleanty of sites that are perfect for you,. this set of pages is supposed to be a lession in beauty, (and thats the story i am sticking to officer) i see beauty in the eyes, if you disagree look somewere else, (on the net you perve).

Just some women i have come across (ooh matron) in no order.

If you like what you see, try the following.

Pictures Section 1
(1997 - 2nd Qtr 1998)
Pictures Section 2
(1998 - 1st Qtr 1999)
Pictures Section 3
(1999 - 3rd Qtr 1999)
Pictures Section 4
(1999 - 2000)