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Matthew Jonathan Fletcher,
Professional Software Engineer,
Embedded, Kernel, Virtual Memory and Filesystem Programming,
Steam Trains, Military Aircraft.
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Just A Little History

From a different perspective

Matthew J. Fletcher was born, amidst great fuss, on the 25th of July 1980, in the Leicester Royal Infirmary, he then spent many years not doing very much, that was memorable.

He then passed through several levels of basic eduction, at Imperial Avenue and Folville School, proving himself to be wholly unremarkable, except for a disturbing ability to incorrectly spell words. This may or may not have been due to the majority of his spare time being spent memorising unimportant facts about a plethora of military objects. One major event to take place was the purchase of Matthews first computer an Amiga A500, this was a turning point, but one that he would not realise till later.

At age 11 he went to Rowley Fields College and it was from this point that his development quickened and more of his potential showed. He showed himself to be adept at technical subjects and outstanding poor and English, the reasons for which are somewhat diffuse. Rising to the top set of many classes and becoming a geographical prodigy. The most important single event of this time was the flash of inspiration Matthew got from using XCopy Professional Version 6.3 on his Amiga, at this point he realised a computer was more than a games machine.

Aged 16 and with grades in the top 30% of all students he went off to Sixth Form College, to study History and Computing. Despite the enforced breaking of his social links, Matthew grew as an Individual and became fully conscious of the environment for the first time. He however managed to restrain himself from becoming a social commentator and got three As and a C (36points). It was at this point that Matthew realised he had a gift for computing as he wiped the intellectual floor with his colleagues.

Armed with grades in the top 15% of the population, he toddled of to University, leaving his beloved Leicester for cold and harsh wilderness that is Sheffield.
To be continued.... hopefully

The Here And Now

but now the then, thanks to the passage of time

Matthew is currently at Sheffield Hallam University doing a BSc Honors Degree in Software Engineering . Which he seems to enjoy apart from when he is treated like a fool.

His powers of a master of computers seems to have been confirmed, dispute the increased competion, he got a first in his first year and will no-doubt end up with a similar grade. His knowledge continues to grow in the whole area of computing be he seems to specialise in programming languages and operating systems. He is now almost totally dedicated to the uber-geek lifestyle but he can hide it well.

He really doesn't have much time for any other stuff, however he can but try to cram as much into the time available. To this end he is also heavily into music see music page for more about his musical interests.

His football team Leicester City the Coca Cola Cup Winners of 1997, are currently his main sporting concentration, beyond Buffy the Vampire Slayer (hemm).

He is also heavily into most things military and also vast amounts of historical stuff, from soico-economic through to poli-military history, mainly Britain in the 20th century, more specifically 1914 - 1951.

My Amiga A1200 (Alice) - from a while back

Is that all ?, well no... most of the time that he should be working he is in fact messing around with computers of various kinds, to track him down his contact page or the following places are a good bet. (check my profile !!) under the name of amimjf, mostly in the computing areas.

Some friends and associates wanted to be represented (via his HTML talents) you can mock them here if you should so desire.

There is of course a whole load of other stuff that is rammed into as little (time/space) as possible, like South Park and not like some nancy who has just started watching it either, he watched every episode as soon as they were on the BBC. - i.e hardcore.

beefcake - BEEFCAKE..!!!!

For more sound samples, all of which play very well with hippoplayer or play16, are available from BeefCake, in the sound archive section.

And that (as they say) is that.

Well not quite, because i now have a degree, a profession and a job,.. see it is just a matter of time,. and it was about 4 years since i updated this page so here goes.

Well after 4 years of university Matthew, finally got it bloody well finished,. and in the end he just wanted to get it finished,. he noticed that he was not really going anywhere at university and so just stuck it out so see the bloody thing trough,.. he will miss some of the people and the environment, and of course the very fast Internet connection, but he hopes to re-introduce all of those things at some point.

Matthew wrote a little more on this subject, and put it on his website,.. indeed he has also provided a link here so you can read it if you want,.. ok, you know the score, click here to read it then.