University Section, 'Sheffield Hallam'

Yep Sheffield Hallam University. This is my place of studdy, and were i am destined to be in residance for a good few years. So i suppose it deserves to ge onto my website and here is the result.

I am here
Yep for all you people lacking in advanced geographical skills, here i am, this also fulfils a bit of a net tradition of showing a map to your home town.
Am i a sucker for tradition or what ?. I bet anyone viewing this from outside the Uk cant tell which county (state) i am in.
I suppose this whole map on web page thing started because of the lack of any geographical significance to the medium, but i bet you allready new that, didient you.

This is lunch, a typical scene, in a typical room, in a typical city, in a typical country on a typical landmass.
Well probably not, i bet you cant guess which one it me can you ?, i doubt it, but 10 or($) to anyone who gets it right.
The Main Enterance, amasing isent it, just think it cost yo money to download that. Well i wouldent dwell on it or you might well go insane.
I was under the impression that the internet meant liberation but, you have just paid someone for information that i am giving away free, interesting that ?.
The University Library, and about 10 million quid later, you get a learning center. Wow, now that name change made all the diffrence dont yu think.

Here are some of my assorted rambelings, about university and anything else i can justify.

Yes you lucky people i have taken some pictures of this fair city and reproduced them here just for you. Notice the harsh looking weather i faced to go out and get this stuff.
If you want to see the full (and i mean full) versions of these then just click on the name and up it will pop.

Sheffield At Dawn (Panoramic)

Park & Tower Block

Flats & Horizon

Road & 24hour Garage at Dawn

My room in sheffield (during my final year) this time at 112 heeley bank road.

a view of some very large bottles of beer and some of our kitchen.