Special Section, 'Ego Page'

Firstly this page is not really about my ego, its about things that people have said that have made an impression on me. Its not my fault that i happen to have repressed all the things that people have said that i dident like, (thats a lie, they will allways hunt me, i just don't like to admit it, and hope that if i don't it will go away).

"He's got a backbone"
- Mr Smith, My A-Level History Teacher

Why ?, do i hold deep regard for this, basicly because Mr Smith was an old fashioned stuff upper lip type person, who held traditional values in a high regard. He would not praise lightly, nor would he exaggerate that praise. Coming from him this was praise indeed.

I believe that i made this impression (although i will never really know) by allways turning up early for his lessions, despite injury, and a heavy workload (i did 4 A-Levels, as opposed to most people who did 2 or 3). I think that he mostly recognised my own personal discipline in keeping this up for 2 years, in a class in which i allways sat on my own and worked on my own, (some would think being the only member of your sex in your class to be envious, it was not so).

"He's The Best Of A Bad Bunch"
- Mike Hoffman, Principal Software Engineer - Serck Controls (Firmware Dept)

This quote came from an after hours discussion about why i was hired by Mike to work on my placement year. Mike is a very talented engineer and very smart person, but he does not give out prase praisely at all. It is rare for such unguarded comments, which is why i regard it as such.

Mike eventually had to belatedly admit that despite my very meany flaws, i was the best of all the software engineers interviewed for any department, by Serck Controls that year. Basicly because there were no other suitable students to take on, in any software role, mostly because all the others were blind Windows Gui lovers, i however work at a lower level than all that fluffy crap.

"You Were Born 20 Years To Late"
- Adam Dyer, Longtime University Friend

Curious one this, what i think Adam meant was that i seemed to have a head of a 40 year old as regards intilectual maturitry, good praise from someone who is a good 2 years and 8 months older than me.

On this occasion i had again showed that i have done the mental rounds, i know what people need to hear to be assured, and what to say to give the right impression to people who would normaly ignore on you. I was quite surprised that Adam thought i was that mature, i allways realised i was grown up and this is praise indeed.

"you can code but you can't spell"
- Pete Collingwood, Respected Univeristy

This was a comment taken from one of my assignments, in which we (Paul Webb, Adam and I) completetly went overboard on a programming assignment and produced a massive peice of work that was frankly quite brillient. We included so much extra stuff that was not required and went so far over was was expected that our assignment was mentioned several times to scare younger students and as a demonstration of what is possible.

I was really pleased by this because you dont get don't kind of prase from teachers, unless you have done something really special, and indeed we did, and me in particular worked very hard to complete an assignment that used just about every fancy Java technlogy technology at the time.

"hey, i just wanted to say thank you for being my friend"
- Mona Afzal, Longtime Univeristy Friend

Slightly soppy and sentimental one this, but you know as you grow up you start to appreciate this kind of stuff, i'm pretty proud of this because i helped someone out, indeed i expended allot of time and effort to help them,.. but without thinking as much at the time. Not that i want to dwell on this to much, but,.. hay look i am grown up, and this proves it.

"im supprised your alive"
- Bastian Jann, Final Year Univeristy Friend

More man'ly this one, after a turely epic drinking session, during which i held my own with people between 5-7 years older than me,.. all the more impressive because they were Germans, hardended to the effects of alchol, through alcohol abuse. There is no greater complement then being considered a good drinker by German guys,.. and hay it nicely re-inforces the principal of friendship through alchol, that i found works so well.