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My Amiga (Advert/T-Shirt)
This picture came from something said on the egroups AFB mailing list, about the rumours of new amiga hard/software. It took a combinaton of PPaint, ImageEngineer and DrawStudio to put this together, (and a big chunk of VMM).
For the drawstudio2 source download this file .

Another Amiga (Advert/T-Shirt)
Yep this is the follow up, to my first picture, not s good but still worthy of some bandwidth.
For the drawstudio2 source download this file .

Here are some AmigaOS 3.x Icons that you might like ?, well depends on your views of buffy. Anyway yoo can download them from here if you should want to.

Also here are are some of my workbench screens that i have mocked up over the years to show what a decent interface should look like.

Full Size Pic

Full Size Pic

Full Size Pic

Here are some pictures that i have 'acquired' what you can see are only small representations, the full versions are avialable, just click and they will pop-up. Some of this stuff is my own work but there is also aload of stuff i have just nicked from books etc, so what don't care anybody who wants any of this stuff, they can have it as far as i am conserned.

Rage Against The Machine
This was scanned from the cover of Rage's self titled album and shows a monk/priest just at the moment of setting himself on fire in protest to the Vietnam war. Size = 640*512 in 256 colours (grayscale) jpeg.

Bill Gates
This was scanned from the Sunday Times magazine cover (for your personal abuse !!), distort / twist this hidius figure of evil. Size = 592*472 in 128 colours (grayscale) jpeg.

Olimpus Mons (Mars)
This was rendred with VistaPro and i think is a very nice composition of the supplied Mons.DEM, Size = 640*512 in 256 colours jpeg.

Grand Canyon
This was also rendered with VistaPro and pictures the Grand Canyon but full of trees and shrubs. Size = 640*512 in 256 colours jpeg.

Face & Head
This is an example of what can be done in Imagine, if you have a few days to spare, however the image is only LoRes (sorry) otherwise the render would have taken all week (literaly) Size = 195*227 in 256 colours (grayscale) jpeg.

An Elephant
This is what i have on my PC background, now thats what i call 'bloatware', it also looks pretty cool scanned photo, Size = 571*439 in 256 colours jpeg.

This is from a PC screen saver, all credits must go to the original artist, for these cool pics Size = 503*479 in 256 colours jpeg.

More of the same, notice the detail in the full version, this guy is cool Size = 640*480 in 256 colours jpeg.

Again more of these pics, this one is the best (i think), check out the Escom I-Glases, Size = 469*479 in 256 colours jpeg.

Bill Gates Eats Pie
Our favorate meglomainiac eats some Beligan Pie, doesent he just love it , Size = 559*485 in 256 colours jpeg.

Bill Gates Eats (more) Pie
Pie Faced Bill gives an interview,.. Size = 325*235 in 16m colours jpeg.

The Twin Towers
Picture of the Twin Towers, very nice sunset, grabed from some PC CD, sorry! Size = 503*337 in 256 colours jpeg.

Sidney Skyline
The Skyline in winter, very nicely lit, again from PC CD demo, Size = 504*340 in 256 colours jpeg.

These are scanned versions of the Fighting Fantasy images, By David Gallagher, and are copyright to him.

Battle Org

Footsoilder Lizard

Dead Warrior

Flying Lion

Gladiator Org

Tiger in Clouds

Victory Lizard

Warror Lizard