Personal Section, 'Honerable Mentions'

This section covers a number of things that you may or may not (not probably) be interseted in, go on have a look, it contains pictures. These people have all indured my presence for extended periods of time which in my opinion is reason enough to get there picture on the net (sod all that personal privicy stuff).

These people that i knew during my final year at university

Mug shots (where possible) Info about these honerable people
This is Thomas Wortamn, an Osnabrok German, but quite nice never the less,.. appart from being at least half a decade older than me he was a very funny chap, indeed the photo shows him dureing one of his most sensible moments.

He also has a 'leadmill' problem,. and will stubbonly dance in exactly the same way (remember the gopher in caddyshack ?), whatever music is played, that is of course when he is not gazzing in amazement at the 'go-go' dancers that lived there also. That is in-between saying 'augh-so', and talking very loadly when drunken,. sorry i mean drunk.
This is Bastain Jann, a stupid Vosberger,.. for that is whence he came. Captured in his full clubbing glory,.. and im sure if i were to quote Mika Hakkenen, and say 'maximum attack', i would not be out of place,. lest to say that we did some really extreme drinking and clubbbing, infact so much that we had to take up a very hard exersize regime, (swimming 12km per week), just to keep the sizes of our asses under control,.. well at least i mananed it. :-)

Despite being a very good friend, he still tried to kill me through excessive drinking of biers, and 'vodka lemon',.. which is not a drink but a myth of liver desiese that almost came true,.. and no i have never seen guys do that much cleaning before in my life before either.
This is Mona Afzal, everpresent chat friend at university, for quite literaly years (4) we exchanged literealy thousands of e-mails on irreverent subjects, anybody who is prepared to listen to me for that long without going slightly mad deserves a place on my honerable mentions list.

I must also say thank you for wasting what must have been a fair proportion of your free time listing to the pesudo-random rubbish i can come out with. Anyhow enough of that deep stuff,... i seem to get mixed up with real hardcore drinkers !, and Mona can do 4x pints and 4x bottles a night, and night after night at that,.. i could never drink that much Coke & J2O in a lifetime,... i was well impressed.

Although Mona would not let me put a real picture of here on the net,.. i have got a suitable representation (which i think is quite funny/ (and was a one point) true) about here. Issues, Teady Bears, it was once like that, but not really any more.

These people that i knew when i was on my placement with Serck Controls, in no particular order.

Mug shots (where possible) Info about these honerable people
This is Guy Cox-Casey, this poor little puppy suffered more than most in that we lived/worked together for 3 months, as you can tell from the photo the strain was begining to show (after 4 days). He was allways up for a good argument, and a cheese burger & chips after a heavy night out, and then some intillectual chat on the long walk home.

Allways a ladies man (possably because he has his own house !), he tends to do well with the 'i want to save the seals' and the 'ough my life is horrible' types. Unfortunatly he is also an accomplished windoze programmer, and as such has the mark of the devil on his back, despite this he was a good friend, and on occasion tutor.
This is Michael Hofmann (not Hoffman), lead 'i dont belive you' artist of the coventry area, long time employee of Serck Controls, almost the definition of 'arrogent and aloof', he also had a remarckable nack for winning arguments, despite that he was a jolly nice chap, without whom i would have had a much harder time than i did, thanks mike.

Despite being academicly crap, mike is indeed a super-brain, he is very good at Assembler, C and C++ programming as well as being a Rambo type shot with a bow and arrow, i have argued across a wide range of subjects, including 19th century Prussan forigen policy to pointer manipulation, (Char *value, should return a pointer to a char damnit !).
This is Steve Marlow, who most definatly does not want to be called 'steve of the marlow variety' again, from stoke and despite being ginger (ish) he is a pretty good footballer, and knows what can only be called shit loads about football and football related stuff. He sufferd my listing to my computer related rubbish for a full 12 months before escaping to a better life.

An interesting fact being that he once played (and beat) one of his co-workers (well aston business student) boyfriend at a football quiz, nice one !, well i tried harder and failed with her as well :-), one other thing spings to mind and thats his total refusal to dance, under any curcumstances.
This is Arfa Hassan, if ever somebody changed more over a year, i would be very spprised, Mr Hassan, went from anti-drinking & clubbing to being an alcohollic and clubbing deva, well impressive. He changed me also, forced me to enjoy the wonders that girls had to offer (which was nice), and also the chillout considerably, which was also nice.

Also the only man i have seen carry out a real life, egg & flouring, which he did in public, infront of everybody poor steve marlow knew, nice one. Sadly also a Manchester United fan (city as well when it suited), a mad clubber and puller of high (well sometimes) women from around the globe.
This is Graham Hunter, a geordie, with an MR2, well i dont know how thats possible either, but then again he wasent in Newcastle in the time so i suppose that helps. A networking and comms guy, who did about every job other than that but stuck at it. A bit scared of my crushing takles at football and rightly so. He was foolish to spend a few days in a cramped tent with me at the 2001 reading feastival, an interesting experence, quality never the less.

A drinker of bitter, he never was very good with the alcopops, and never quite managed to master to old backhand ass slap, although to his credit he did try right at the end.

These people that i work (ish) with, in no particular order.

Mug shots (where possible) Info about these honerable people
This is Adam M Dyer, he is MAC man, so watch out, remember,.. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", Appart from that he also seems to know loads of maths stuff (for no apparent reason) and is a pretty hot C programer. Anyhow anyone brave enough to live with me for a few years has to get some credit, and to manage it with only small outbursts of instanity and complete mandness is quite an achivement.

Adams personal webpage, feeble but passable attempt at a website can be found here, update new (but still pants) website . Adams old flatmates web site..Click here for more info on Adam's seedy past..

For some reason he seems to think that Sarah-Michelle Gellar (Buffy) is the most desirable person on earth. I wonder why..?, hay i cant knock anyone for that. For once i agree, you cant beat a bit of Buffy,..
This is Dave Church, A footballer and seducer of nubile young women by birth, known for his ability to get a long shot right between the posts (ohh matron.!) which combined to good ball control make him a hit with the femfitals. Anyway those days are over and he is well grown up now, and is starting to make me look imature, which is worrying.

Unfortunatly he supports Manchester United, but i suppose that can be overlooked, given i have known him for long time he gets a mention for sheer indurance, on the subject he holds records for both most kickups before going mad and highscores in Slamtilt Pinball, for which he must have spent even more time than me on both mine and his computers.

These criminals are the people that i was fortunate enough to spend some of my time with.

Mug shots (where possible) Info about these honerable people
Yep this is Tom Williamson, he likes beer and the doors...., the band not the things that get in your way when walking around. An Engineer by birth, from Hull the home of Airfix (the model people) and a large slice of the fish industry. He was of the opinion that the 'ull' accent was the worst around, well almost but not quite.

Whilst being possibly the most unlucky person on earth, he mantains his good spirits through cheap larger and Guiness, which is slightly worrying as was hit choice of bedroom poster, humm,. This quite flatering picture was taken in the late months of 1999 in my first year of university. Who can forget tom in the Leadmill (Sheffield Superclub) with a pint of guiness and a basket of cheesy chips, class,.. if i dont say so myself.
Right this is Ben Siemund, he likes beer and vodka + orange mixes, football although unfortunatly Spurs... oh well. Although i will not let him forget that those soft sothern boys stote the 2000 League Cup from its rightfull winners, bastards. A Saucier (maker of fine sources), by birth, from Ware (where ?, he he), allthough you wont be able to find it, cos he has knicked the sign.

To this credit he watches late night dodgy French Films, but alas not the Carry On's (Oh my life..!!), what do you think you are Middle class ?, strange fellow.
This is Welsh Darren Raz-Nick, not only is he trying to set-up a welsh society but gets to play with Visual Basic, in a sad attempt at programming. In a welsh accent "you sad pathetic wanker". He is however quite tolerable, as he only supports rubbish football teams, (Cardif, Reading, Norwich, etc), which his own fault. He also takes the (really alot) of welsh jokes pretty well.

Darren is so sad he mailed this to me,...
What happend to the comment about "If you want to destroy your liver, look up Darren"
Please reinsert as I am in need of some drinking buddies willing to drink till it hurts.
Cheers DAZ