Special Mentions, 'Operating Systems'

Before you look at any of these you might want to look at some of my own work,..
- My CPU Scheduling Algorithm, "A Round Robin prioritised scheduling algorithm, featuring priority building and decay, dynamic quantum adjustment and shortest time remaining analysis. In the application of kernel CPU task scheduling."
- My OS/2 project, which is a pie in the sky design for a better operating system.

This is just something i knocked up, if you want to read a more deatiled paper please look at My CPU Algorithm Paper , if you which to provide any comments please direct them to me , it would be much appretiated.

Here is my very own homage to something very close to my heart, operating systems, and yes i do have a certain week spot when it comes to them.
This page is devoted to them in all there forms (and perversions), if you happen to know something about one of these little babies that i have not mentioned, please contact me.

The operating systems listed here are taken from The OS Counter and are apparently all still in use, some legacy systems are listed but i cant really comment on them.

Hardware/Software Combos
Operating System Hardware
DRDOS www.caldera.org
This is Digitals, old clone of MSDOS (late 80s / early 90s), but apparently its still in use suporting old Windows 3.x systems.
Intel (x86)
FreeDOS www.freedos.org
This is a free MSDOS clone, mostly used for emulation purposes, under Unix and other systems.
The original and the very essance of what is bad about computing, (i.e made by Mircosoft and crap). But it is still hanging around, apparently.
Windows CE Micro$oft Windows CE
Ok so how do you fit a 200mb + Windows installation into a palmtop, the result is neither, you dont get full win32 compatability or a small footprint, instead a classic Microsoft kludge.
Windows 3.x Micro$oft Windows 3.1
The old horry beast, and despite its many faults was probaley the best OS Microsft ever produced, it was still bit bit crap though, even in 1992.
Windows 9.x Micro$oft Windows 98
Ough, DOS is dead, well not quite, its just got a peice of tape over it. The desktop of the masses and the most popular OS ever made/sold and it still refresh the screen properly.
Windows NT Micro$oft Windows NT
If NT stands for 'New Technology', it must surely be one of the bigest jokes ever, NT was supposed to be a Unix killer, it infact became more like AS360 (historical referance), in that it was poorly designed for scalablity and stability under normal condidtions, which it also shares with 9.x. It is also so large that the number of bugs present in the system is stable, am i the only person to find that worrying.
Windows 2000 Micro$oft Windows 2000
This mithical beast was NT5, until dealys made its release date closer to the (big date), despite being one of the largest version jumps of all time (NT4 - Win2000 ?? anyone), it is supposed to rejoin the consumer / workstation market split that NT caused.
BeOS Be, Inc
Be were originally a systems producer, makeing PPC boxes, they went software only when Apple pulled the CHRP project. Since then they have dropped PPC support and gone Intel only, however despite many good features the OS is to proporitry to make it big and Be have themsefs got stuck inot writing hundreds of WinTel drivers.
Motorola (680x0 / PPC)
MacOS Apple, Corp
The user interface king, but lacking technicaly, then the progial son, Steve Jobs came back and all hell broke loose
AmigaOS Amiga
Where does one begin ?, AmigaOS was(is) one of the most technicaly advanced operating system every implemented, its ultrafast executive kernel was about a decade ahead of its time and about 1000% faster. Programmed for maximum efficency, it will pre-emptive multi-task in 512k of memory. All OS componets other than the kernel are dynamicly loadable (and unloadable). Its basicly unix complitent but with a tiny footprint and optimsed for desktop usage - in my highly bisaed opion the best OS of its time (1984-94).
RiscOS Risc OS, Corp
The old Acorn operating system and one of the first RISC OS around, was dumped when Acorn gave up on life but is now back in development privatly.
ARM (StrongARM)

Unix(ies) Portable OS
Linux Linux is GOD
This is the future people, and whilst i might not be a good profit, i know a killer OS Kernel when i see one. Complete with Open Source, BSD compatablity, more platforms supported than should really exist and more features then Microsoft as dollar bills, how could you ask for more. Ough and it dont crash, now there is a revilation.
This little beasty is a RTOS implementation of Unix, now used in the MacOS X Server, history buffs will notice that Jobs seems to like this, as it was also at the core of his abortive NextStep boxes.
SCO OpenServer
Well it exists and big corperations use it, but i know no more.
Novell Unixware Novell
This Novell own network operating system, optimised for massive internal networking operations within orgainsations and providing industrial strength TCP/IP / Firewall and router services.
This is BSD Unix, but customised in-house by Hewlett Packard, originaly for there series of early RISC chips. It was then maintained for legacy resons, is now meing overun buy Linux.
Irix Irix - SGI
Irix was Sillicon Graphics own version of Unix, at the time Unix customisations were fun, now they are rappidly being chucked in favour of Linux, SGI is migrating Irix over to full Linux, and making all the old Irix applications available to.
A popular version of the Berkley System Distribution of Unix, which is available on many archectures.
Well this is BSd but not as we know it, well maybe, it used a more Linux (GNU) type developemnt system, rarther than the standard closed BSD team.
Solaris Sun
Solrais started of life as Unix back, in the land before time, it has been heavily customsied since then to work on the SPARC/UltraSPARC series of processors, developed by Sun. This is still being activly developed despite the rise and rise of Linux.
Some Others
OS/2 OS/2
Back in 1988, IBM decided that windows was crap and so made a better one, unfortunatly Microsoft has another idea.
QNX QNX Neutro
QNX Systems have a loose Postix OS, that supporsts RTOS is supper fast and has a microkernel, supprising really since thay have over 20 Amiga enginniers.
Epoc EPOC (16/32)
Made for the psion (and others), by the BRITISH, teh killer os of the handheld market.
VxWorks VxWorks
Yes its another 'new concept' OS.
MagiC OS
Unknown ?