Personal Section, 'My Music Page'

Personal Section, 'My Music (Tastes / Collection)'
Here is the collected work that is my music collection, hope you enjoy (or at least appreceate the amount of effort that went into making this page), anyhow i place before you a rough collection of what music i currently have sitting on my shelf (my MP3 collection dont count). Of course no matter how often i update this its allways going to be out of date, but ough well, thats life i guess.

This section contains a quick overview of the music that i like, listen to and has an effect on me, yes all music is emotional, it will have an effect on you, if it doesn't its crap,.. incidently really dont like most boy-bands and soft "crap" music, my reasoning is this, i like somebody performing to me to put the effort in, if they don't break sweat, then its often rubbish because they don't mean it, and i wont listen to it.

Note that there is no particular order to this list, and nor should there be, so there.

Metalica / Alice In Chains / Devo / R.E.M / Skunk Anansie / Coal Chamber / Neil Young / Sepultura / Pist.On / Fear Factory / Korn / Queens Of The Stone Age / Primal Screem / Smashing Pumpkins / Biohazard / Alien Ant Farm / Madness / Queen / Blondie / Garbage / 3 Colours Red / Rage Against The Machine / Linkin Park / Guns & Roses / Utah Saints / Foo Fighters / Crazy Town / The Offspring / Nirvana / / / / / Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Moby / Faith No More / Terrorvision / Portishead / Green Day / Manic Steet Preachers / The Prodigy / Elastica / Johann Strauss / Gustav Holst / Antonio Vivaldi Thin Lizzy / Black Sabbath / Helmet / Alanis Morissette / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /


The classic "Heavy Metal" band,.. i think they are one of the best bands ever, a near perfect combination of Rock, Melody and shear, talent * (power*volume) = Metalica. Their first four albums were as good as anybody's, and if they mellow slightly now, remember that these kids were screaming "Sanatarium", at the time we had all that 80s crap.

I own everything they have ever recorded, but i will list them anyway,..

Kill em' All (1983) / Ride the Lightning (1984) / Master of Puppets (1989) / And Justice for All (1988) / Black (metalica) (1991) / Load (1996) / Re-Load (1997) / Garage, Inc (1998) / S & M (1999)

Alice In Chains

A grundge / rock band that are so dark you can hardly see them, unfortunately now broken up due to the lead singer being a coke addict. This fact no doubt added to there great depth of sorrow in the last albums, which helped to make them so good.

Facelift (1990) / Dirt (1992) / Alice In Chains & Sap (1994)


Now these guys are weird, performing in rubber suits is one thing, but the songs are quite another 'Mongoloid', way say allmost all of it, but its really very good. The deapth of the song writing is actually very good, but you have to listen though the strangess to find it.

Hot Potatoes - (The Best Of) (1993)


Well it was only a matter of time before i got some of there stuff, i am not even going to tell you what they sound like because you allready know. If you dont what the hell happend ?

Monster (1994) / Green (1988)

Skunk Anansie

Its a tale of the lead feamale, she makes it with an outstanding voice, the songs are real quility to, but its toped by the vocals. If ever there was an example of buring the brightest for the shortest time then these are a pretty good example to follow.

Paranoid & Sunburnt (1995) / Stoosh (1996)

Coal Chamber

Despite their (freeky) looks they are a quality rook/thrash outfit, still early days but they are very good at this stage, and guess what they have another! female basist. But really now, these are not well people, listen to the music but dont look at the pictures it'll just put you off, (unless of course your a proper freak also, !!).

Chamber Music (1999)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

The orignal distorted grundge oufit, they have been knocking around for a long time before i was even born. They have two sides to soft acoustic set and the loose strings heavy stuff, i kind of prefer the latter, but its all cool. There is a time and a place for each so i have one of each :-) nice.

Weld (1991) / Harvest (1972)


Brazilian Thrash, if you like that kind of thing. Anyway they are a full on hardcore outfit, very much worth some of your time, but you have to listen to it loud or else is just sounds like pants. They have definatly got much better as they went on (the conversion to english singing helped !), but by Chaos A.D they were a full outfit with proper meaningfull lyrics and some of best riffing you hear.

Morbid Visions (1986) / Beneath The Remains (1989) / Arise (1991) / Blood Rooted (1993) / Chaos A.D (1996) / Against (1998) / Nation (2001)


New heavy / goth methal outfit, you want a female bassist, you got it, you want rock hard rifs you got that to. Even Fat Henry Font can sing. In fact there first album is just about as good as anybody else's i know, they went a bit soft by the second album but got deeper, make your own choice.

Number One (1996) / Sell Out (1999)

Fear Factory

Techno / Rock combo, you wont have heard much of this before. But it still kicks donky balls, and sounds great.

They also hold the record for the most scary sounding name (on a number of levels), that i know off, i even managed to see them live (small claim to fame), when they rocked Reading 2001.

Remanifacture (1997) / Obsolete (1998) / Digimortal (2001)


Grundge Startups, but just that little bit more scary, which cant be at all bad. Right from the beginning when they shouted 'are you ready' to the end, its damn scary full metal stuff.

Korn (1994)

Queens Of The Stone Age
I saw the Queens in 1999 supporting Metalica, they were a half decent metal act, but i dident think they were anything special, however having seen them again in 2001, they are now a very good soft metal band, they have knocked out some high quality tunes, you can hear Nivaina, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains in there, whcih combined cat be at all bad. They also rate as being 'very cool' becuase instead of going 'popy' to get sucess they just wrote better songs,..

Rated R (2001)
Primal Screem
Although i had listened to Primal Screem before (scremadelica), they were allways a bit to much like tree hugging hippies for me to consider spending some of my hard earned cash on them. However with songs called 'kill all hippies' they are now cool enough. Xterminator is a bit dancy, but in a good way, definatly the rockest stuff they have done.

Xterminator (2000)
The Smashing Pumpkins

Very good, rock-slop, band if somewhat indifferent at times, every so often they knockout a real jem in betwen a load of mush. The bands internal tension lead to the ex-drummer shooting "and killing" the keyboardist, for which he is now serving a life sentence,.. cool.

Siamese Dream (1993)


These guys are the thrash, func people, a straight from the streets sound of heavy metal and great riffs, I mean who cares if they cant sing for fuck, if the music kicks ass. If you doubt what they say, think about this,,. would you belive somebody who politley says he has been treated very poorly recently, or somebody how shouted and screemed at you that there life was shit ?

State Of The World Address (1994)

Alien Ant Farm
AAF kick ass !!, i'm fully allowed to say this cos i saw them live in one of there first ever UK gig's (Reading 2001), another claim to fame is that i got to within about 5 meters of them (it was a small stage), outstanding, the album i bourght after hearing there version of 'Smooth Criminal' in a club, outstanding. Lets hope they can keep it up.

Anthology (2001)
Ok these guys are all time classics, so i did the right thing and instead of getting all 7 albums, i plumped for the greatest hits, (sad i know), but we all know (if your from the uk and/or alive) just how they combined blues, pop, and scar to create some the best and most opular alternative music still kicking around.

Divine Madness (2000)

One of the very best English rock bands, very much in the style of Rock & Roll, by with very intense lyrics. Made even more so by the fact they while the last albums were being made Freddy Mercury, was dying of AIDS. (yes the song must go on)

Greatest Hits 1 (1995) / Greatest Hits 2 (1996)

They were a long way before the time, and equally a long way before my time. However the music has lasted which i tesermount to the quality and originalty of the songs when they were created.

Parallel Lines (1978)

Dark and moody, three yanks and a English (it was pointed out that she is infact scottish) woman,.. the lryics might be a bit on the fluffy side, but the sound is first rate.

Garbage (1995)

3 Colours Red
I dont know much about these lot at all, execpt that there are a couple of bloody good tracks on this album (this is my hollywood & aniseed), there is also some tat, but i can live with that.

Pure (1997)
Rage Against The Machine

A cross, rock-punk band, with highly political songs and a high moral stance, however they really rock and are amazing live, you have to listen to this loud. Indeed if you want to hear a band with guts and a real message to get accross with the help of outstanding noise then, here they are.

Rage Against the Machine (1992) / Evil Empire (1996) / Battle of Los Angeles (1999)

Linkin Park

Ok so this is NuMetal, the other stuff just sounds the same, whatever NuMetal is anyhow. For everybody else its a mix of classical grundge / metal and funk reggie sounds, mostly comming out of the US of A, and also mostly rockin. Truly award winning first album, bloody great rock tunes, hard metal rifs and some quick quality lyrics also, kickass.

Hybrid Theory (2000)

Guns & Roses

When they were good, they were brillent, but when they are bad they are really bad,.. to this end its the early stuff that i listen so, The "Spagette Insident" was to much, i prefer them before they fell apart.

Appetite for Destruction (1987)

Utah Saints

Remember back in the early 90s when sampleing really took of, there were loads of crap techo samples out there, and one really really good one,.. (yes the one sampled katte bush) well they were Utah Saints, they ruled for 6 months and then disapeared of the face of the earth, ough well.

Utah Staints (1992)

Foo Fighters
The phoenix from the Ashes of Nivana, Dave Grohl, stepped forward from his drums to lead new band. He almost made/released Foo Fight on his own,.. and was truly exceptional, given that i was very kickass. The later albums show more of Grohl's style which is generaly a bit softer than the nirvana stuff and definatly not just a cash in.

Foo Fight (1995) / The Colour and the Shape (1998) / Theres Nothing Left To Loose (1999)

Crazy Town

These guys came out in the same NuMetal wave as the bizkit, raoches, parks, etc but are diffrent. They are more on the rap, funk side than the metal / goth, influences of the others before. Like them however they have a maturity of song writing and expression though noise that i personaly like allot.

The Gift Of Game (2001)

The Offspring

One of the best examples of American punk, they songs don't vary much but they don't need to,.. the formula is perfect, and they even write v.good lyrics. Never much UK commercial success, but massive in the US of A.

Igniton / Offspring (self titled) /Smash / Ixnay on the Hombre / Americana


Probably one of the best bands ever, never really recognised in there time,.. (unfortunately cut so short), the ignition for the whole Grundge movement, small town band made big, an exceptional mix of words and rifs, make them stand out as the band of a generation.

Once again i have everything they have ever recorded, but anyway..

Bleach / Nevermind / Incesticide / In Utero / from the Muddy banks of Wishkah


An Irish Rock, band of exemplary talent,.. Troublegum is possibly one of the best albums ever,.. and my brother recons that Fife Yuing (Drummer), is the best ever, anyway they are very good.

Nurse / Troublegum / Babyteeth (EP) / Pleasure Death (EP) / Semi-detached


The founder of Megadeath, Dave Mustane was an initial (1984) member of Metalica, with whom he split and started his own group. Very dark, heavy metal, but also very good.



Somewhat of an anthema, they have released many LPs, but (in my humble opinion), only Superunknown is first rate, on this album it all came together, the rifs and hanging lyrics of previous albums united and then feel away again just as quickly after, however well worth investigating.

Down the Upside / Superunknown

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

A punk/rock band that have been around for over a decade,.. pre-dating most others in the genre. The albums (of which there are many), are unexceptional, except for Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic,.. which marked their high point, with exceptional melody, and very haunting lyrics, stemming from the writers battle with drugs.

Blood, Suger, Sex, Magic / One Hot Minute


Moby first struck fame for his re-mix of the James Bond, Golden Eye soundtrack. His own work, is highly emotional and very expressive of his feelings, his songs swinging to match his mood, from melodic to screaming, but full of passion.

Animal Rights / Play

Faith No MoreFaith No More

If a band could ever undergo a complete change in image it would be these, from heavy 80s pop, and long hair to 90s rock and short hair. However just listing to the music you can hear the evolution of their work and the concurrent themes that are current throughout there music.

The Real Thing / Album of the Year / Angel Dust


English, from Bradford, the home of our Asian friends. initaly hard rock they have gone soft and more commercial, but the old stuff still rocks like it always did.

Formaldehyde / How to Make friends and Influence People


It would be fair (IMHO) the call these a one hit wonder, however Dummy is a truly ground breaking album, that is remarkably diffrent from most things done before but withouting being diffrent for the sake of it.


Green Day

American youth punck at its manic best, massive in the US of A, drammaticly less so here. There style of punk and melody combined to energy is very good, also running at 16 songs (average) per album, they are kings of the short birst.

Nimrod / Kerplunk / Dookie / Insomniac

Manic Steet Preachers

unfortunatly Welsh, but still exceptional, they write like poets and play like rockers, an exceptional combination that makes them on of Britains best exports, if only the Americans understood.

The Holy Bible / Everything Must Go

The Prodigy

Yes they did it first, techno and then techno-rock, this cross of heavy dance and metal combination. If you think that all the songs are writtenby one man it makes it even more impressive.

Experence / music for the Gilted Generation / Fat of the Land


Another one hit wonder, but a wonder indeed, for there debut ablum it was very well rounded, but i think they exusted all their ideas, which is no bab thing as it it very good.

Elastica (self titled)

Johann Strauss / Gustav Holst / Antonio Vivaldi

its oprea but not as well know it,.. this is not frivilus fluff, high quilty compisitions, deep with passion and feeling,.. true masterpeices.

The Blue Danube / The Planets / The Four Seasons

Thin Lizzy

Lead by the African-Irish, Phill Lynot. One of the best of the English 70s rock bands, together these people made what rock is today. hard riffs, strong lryics and powerfull performances, a classic band.

Live and Dangerous

Black Sabbath

How could any fan of rock, not have the originals materpeice, "Black Sabbath" on "Black Sabbath" by "Black Sabbath",.. The lads from Brimingham starte what we total know as Heavy Metal, and forthat we should be eternaly gratefull, for out of glam rock they rose to start the familty of rock in which most the bands listed here came from.

Black Sabbath / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


Full on grundge / thrash, combo. Great riffs make up for a any ditortion, this is real power music. They seem to have kept getting better as Betty shows, long live grundge.

Betty / Meantime / Strap It On

Alanis Morissette

Ok, so i suppose she is a little strange, and some of it is a bit country, and a bit feminist, but what the hell, i like it. At least she is singing about real stuff unstead of allways happy-fluffy-bunny-rabbit things.

Jagged Little Pill / Supposed Former Infactuation Junkie


Metalica / Alice In Chains / Devo / R.E.M / Skunk Anansie / Coal Chamber / Neil Young / Sepultura / Pist.On / Fear Factory / Korn / Queens Of The Stone Age / Primal Screem / Smashing Pumpkins / Biohazard / Alien Ant Farm / Madness / Queen / Blondie / Garbage / 3 Colours Red / Rage Against The Machine / Linkin Park / Guns & Roses / Utah Saints / Foo Fighters / Crazy Town / The Offspring / Nirvana / / / / / Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Moby / Faith No More / Terrorvision / Portishead / Green Day / Manic Steet Preachers / The Prodigy / Elastica / Johann Strauss / Gustav Holst / Antonio Vivaldi Thin Lizzy / Black Sabbath / Helmet / Alanis Morissette / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /