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Written Section, 'My Software Papers / Manuals'
Here we have some of the papers i have written over the years, most of them are current snapshots of what happened to be interesting enough for me to write down in any kind of proper fashion. Most of this stuff are just ideas that poped into my head that i happend to have the time to explore a little further.

History of Computers.
This very much a work in progress it is a personal view of the history of computers which i have been working on and off on over the last year. If for some strange reason you wish to add something to this effort, (when you see the size of the task) E-Mail any contributions back to me, with a sensible subject line, thanks.

A personal view of C an C++.
This is basicly a comparison of the two languages and the benifits and advantages that they both have, its now farily complete.

A guide to compiler design.
This document shows the stages that a compiler suite will go through in order to produce a executable file from source code, its quite a clean design, but still quite highlevel and based on the gnu design.

A CPU Scheduling Algoritum.
This is my design for a fiarly optimal CPU task alocation algoritum, complete with 'pictures !'.

Operating System/2.
Again my design for an operating system of the future (OS/2 !, cool name IBM !), showing some of the princliples that it should follow and the most important new features.

You may well be wondering why ?? has he got these RTFs available for me to download, well basicly, all of these documents were orignally.. 1. crap, 2. unformated, and just to poorly laid out and littered with "cr's" (carrage returns) i.e. the lines were way to short. So I spent many an hour slaving over my A1200, re-formating and gerneraly sorting out these documents so i could take them into my previous college and print them out at there expence. When you get upto 100 pages you don't want to use you own printer, do you.

DICE 3.xx AG Manual.
This is my own pet project the full AmigaGuide vesion of the original DICE manual texts. - Check my DICE page for more information !

Imagine 4.0 Manual.
This was taken from the CU Amiga free giveaway (cool !!!!). It has the complete 4.0 mannual as well as the D.O.F / D.X.F / Freeze / GlobalFX/ LiteTEX / Shredder and a massive Texture bible that took bloody ages to do.

Vista Pro 3.05 Manual.
This was taken again from a CU Amiga giveaway (Super cool !!!!) and is basicly a reformated version of the manual. I took out about 10,000 (no shit) carage returns, it was formated for a page width of about 50, as opposed to a more sensible 76 odd.

OctaMED 6.01 Manual.
This the transalation of the full OctaMED 6.0 giveaway from Amiga Format, it was an AmigaGuide but how can you learn from these, you need a proper paper manual, so i created one.

DiskSlav (AmigaGuide).
This is just a conversion of the orignal diskslav 2 (v 11.32) ANSI guide which i found hard to read, as you can tell its not that long so an AmigaGuide is fine to have a quick read off. Note PC users This is (100%) Amiga Spesific.

CanonDisk 3.98c Manual.
This the Canon disk / studio 2.15 and other programs such as all the drives and special setup controls, it just came as abig fat text file and so was really quite hard to read.