This page will be all about the evils/stupidity of management, but its not finnished yet, i doubt it can ever be,.

Question: - Define Management ?
Awanser: - Management is the formalisation of common sense

Business has always had buzzwords, and this isn't the first time diction or intention have been obscured by sloppy verbiage. In his 1978 book, The Jargon of the Professions, Kenneth Hudson noted that "Business is subject to two quite different linguistic pressures.

On the one hand, there is the never-ending search for the new, even more arresting phrase . . . and on the other, the wish to tone words down, to make them less dangerous, less precise, less likely to blow up in the face of the person who uses them." This has never been truer than it is today:

In 1978, business was still largely conducted in English; these days, it's done in a kind of impenetrable Esperanto. The worst examples of e-lingo combine what Hudson described, at once impressing people with their futurism ("vortal") while insulating the speaker from actually having an opinion that might later prove unpopular or incorrect.

I dont understand what your talking about
Quite often when you have to interact with mangaement you gat asked things like,.. can you incorperate built-in quality based metrics, now im sorry but i have not idea what that means. I may just be stuipid,.. i can try and inturprit what it means for a practial and technical standpoint, but as to where that came from i have no idea.

an April fools, (read it - its quite brillient), management think this is 'inefficent'

Online Bullshit generator
Just what all engineers allways wanted, you can now replace your management with a script, indeed as would proadly boast, in there excellent t-shirts,.. go away or i will replace you with a shell script.

The wonderfull online management (bullshit) speak generator at is yours to try, but if for some strange reason you dont want to here i some i prepared earlier.

  1. optimize next-generation models
  2. deploy front-end interfaces
  3. morph user-centric experiences
  4. leverage ubiquitous schemas
  5. facilitate B2B channels
  6. streamline e-business functionalities

See,.. it is a management replacer,.. and sometimes is even makes more sence, ok you wont get a pay rise out of it, but hay, the tradeoff is worth it.