Amiga Section, 'The HOT Links Page'

Yes you lucky people I have collected together a page of links to sites that SHOULD be visited, so go ahead.

If you want to see me ranting about winodws vs linux on my universities websever goto, that got a few windows lovers anoyed !

The Amiga Web Sever
Forget Apache (well almost) this is a 100% Amiga product, so is small / fast and FREE. Originally by Omnipresence (the IBrowse people) and Mike Meyiers.
Now by ZenMetal software, who also make ftpd and cnet bbs software. Infact this software is so good that it runs my very own personal web server, yes, i have my own web server, however its intermitant so if you want to view it (there is not much) mail me first.

My UAE Archive
I have a full set of 3.1/1.3 roms, and workbench disks in the archive as well as a configured copy of winuae, but it should be the same with any version, i will be using this to emulate my old amiga so you can to if you want ?

MPEGS of the last day at Commadore !!, see Hombra (AAA) in protoype. Ough well, no point dwelling on what might have been, just have a look at the movies.
Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3
Movie 4
Movie 5

Amiga Links

Cezch Amiga News
Quite possably the best Amiga news site around, despite i have problems with the name its a great source of info.
Fancy Some Nice Pictures (yes its relivant).
Not your usualy seedy celb site but quality (and decent) stuff, its well worth looking around, wb backdrops mostly.
Ben Hutching's Anti Micro$oft Site
A very good anti Micro$soft site, that 'speaks the hidden trougth' about Micro$ofts plans to take over the world, as well as carriying links to other like minded pages.
Built With Amiga Campaign Site
This was made with Amiga, and so is more than most people realise, it will show you how to make great pages with amiga tools.
The Darwin Awards for Supidity
This is form people who have benifited humanity why killying themselvs in the most stupid fashion possible, isent evolution wonderfull.
Amiga history site
Its not often you get an Amiga history site that includes pictures of commodre advertising (yes it did exist), its unbelivable !!
The Amiga Nutta Homepage
This massive Amiga only games site as loads of games reviews, downloadable installers (they work as well) and links to other home pages.
Aminet Charts
Cool, all the most downloaded stuff for those who dont have the time to spend all day searching for good stuff on the aminet.
Amiga Datatypes Orgy
The most massive (and well commented) collection of datatypes that exists, Sound, Graphics, Amiations etc.

General (net) Links

W3 HTML Tag index
The World Wide Web (w3) consotium is the home of HTML (and others) so why not snoop the BIG list of HTML tags ?, go on... wimp
Javascript Code
Javascript Tutorial
The abouve are two sites heavily into javascript, whant to know how all the fancy stuff in this page was done, then have a peek at these and then do it yourself.
Home of the AFB and mailng list galore.
LOADS of Developer Material
This is a natural born killer site that has just loads of stuff on all programming, scripting languages. Code, docs, tutorials and free beer (well almost).
3D Engines Galore
Yes more 3D engines than you can throw biliniar filterd pixels at, in Java C/++ and even VB, with Amiga and ANSI support.
Music Tabs
This is a massive collection of sheet music of all the best (and some popular) music around, complete with bass and lead tabs.
The Coalition Against Unsoliced Commercial E-Mail (CAUCE)
This is the site to visit if the amount of SPAM you are getting is really pissing you off. Good advice for anti-spam measures.
Bill Gates personal Wealth Clock
Bill Gates personal wealth clock.., just how rich is this twat now ??, if you won't to know then look no further than this.
BeefCakes South Park site
If you are into South Park, then you must visit this, pictures, sound samples and loads of other cool stuff, if you dont like it your sad.
Redmeat = Max Cannon = sharp whit.
Very good site that gets updated, unlike this one and is very good for b/w, ways of looking at things, hay its even funny....
Free Stuff...!!!!!
Yes its true, this site is a collection of all the best free stuff thats available on the internet, however it might be a good idea to set up a new mail address, with someone like hotmail so you can keep any spam, (although i havent got much) away from your proper account. MF

General (techy) Links

Linux Documentaton Project
Even if you are not into Linux or are jsut not that messed up, this is a great source of information on general operating system design and implementation.
Free Compiler Center One of the best list of free compilers for all platforms avilable, Yes the Amiga is well represented..
USGS.. The DEM People The USA Geological survay, yes the DEM (Digital Elivation Map) people, for Vista users.
BIG Computers Now these are computers., and some of the most powerfull ever created.
Nuclear Physics The Nuclear Physics labatory of Moscow, if particles get you excited then this is the page for you.
SGI Worship Well i had to put them in, Silicon Graphics, the mother of high powered computers and what i wish i had in my stocking.
NetBSD Unix You want to run the second best operating system in the world on your Amiga to,.. go no further than this site the home of NetBSD.