Places Section, 'Leicester'

The place that will allways be my home

Leicester, where i was born and bred, although they dont know my name its the place that i will always consider home. For all its faults and i know more than most that it has many, i think and sometimes even believe that there is nothing better. It has a gritty realisum that 'nicer' towns miss, there is a nasty undercurrent of racisum and violence that makes it real, this is no suger coated playgound or european vison of the future, its real and its today.

In the beginning there was darkness, then i was born, alot of screaming and whineing later i grew and that time comes in everybodys life when you have to leave your childhood home, and when i was 21 it was my turn, lest i may forget i decided to record it here.

Ok now time for some Photos, yay !!

My childhood bedroom in leicester, its where i grew up u know.

The road of my childhood home in leicester, beaconsfield road.

My childhood house (white and green one), 117. The colours changed but it was allways the same.

Beaconsfield road again, this time at dawn.