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Matthew J Fletcher
Last Updated 'Sunday 23rd October 2011'

Hi everybody, and welcome to my website. This is not my first attempt at a website, in fact there have been several iterations and no doubt there will be quite a few more. At least i can't be accused of not updating my website any more.

Once upon a time i would spend hours working on my website, at the time (1998) using GoldED on my Amiga1200, writing all the HTML3.2 compatable code by hand. Well times have changed now im using Quanta on my KDE/Linux PC to write HTML4.01 by hand, well almost, quanta does auto-magicly close tags for you and has nice quick tag buttons. But i prefer to write my own HTML.

What content this website does contain is linked to below, no fancy frames, no javascript menus, so you will have to use the back button on your browser.

Again thank you for visiting my site, i hope that you are able to find something of interest to yourself here. As you can probably tell most of the interesting stuff is geek related, and that's how, quite frankly it should be and is the way its going to stay, amiMJF.

If you have any comments please fill out the Comments Form or please mail me now, thanks.

I Made This

My Sources and Binaries (old).
My Software Documents.
Here are some commented links.
And finally some of my artwork.
When i wanted to start my own compnay.

Personal Stuff

Who Am I.
Contact information.
Some Other People.
When Germans Arrive.
A Turning point caught on camera.
Site Credits.
Site History.
Sign My Guestbook.
View My Guestbook.
My Music Page.
Why laws are crap. (***)
thing3 (probably the internet and google)
The military industrial complex (Tanks, Aircraft and Ships)
How to win strategy games

(Work / Life) Related Stuff

My CV.
Serck Controls Ltd.
I Hate Management.
Murphy's Laws.
Slang Decoded.
Why Its Great To Be Man.
A Code Of Ethics, why not ?
Operating Systems (linux,nucleus,redboot)
Compilers (gcc,vbcc)
Millions of embedded bits of firmware

My Travels

The City Of Sheffield.
The City Of Leicester.
The City Of Coventry.
BSc(Hons) Software Engineering.
The Left Overs.
The Internet map tradition.

Special Mentions

The Eric Cartman Page.
Women (everywhere!!).
My Truth.
My Ego.

70 Second Food.
MDK (probably free software, GNU and Mandrake/Mandriva). (***)
Trains (Steam / Diesel / Electric)

Geeky Stuff

Linux On Dell Inspiron 2500.
Linux Loaders & Buffy Bitmaps.
Unix / C / PDP11 and Me.
Plan 9 - Rabbits, Operating Systems & 1950's Si-Fi
The Trials & Tribulations Of Web Development.
The best year ever ?
Emulation / Virtualisation Is The Future.
All About Programming Languages.
All About Operating Systems.
DICE Development Group.
On-Line Dice Documentation.
AmigaOS 4 Follys. (***)