Just Plain Random Section, 3 Germans, 9 Months and 1000 Beers
(and other assourted fun things that i suffered through)

To explain, in my final year of university we ended up living with 3 Germans, Bastain, Thomas and Christina. The expected clash of cultures did not really occur, but instead we got on very well, and had very much fun together. This page this dedicated to them.

Hard drinking is just about the stupidest thing you can do, but its great fun and we did allot of it. Of course it was all the Germans fault, they forced me to go out drinking and stay in drinking and also to walk in between the two drinking experiences. Although we never said it, i would like to make a reference Barny Gumble here,.

"Im worried about the beer supply, after this case and the next case, we only have one case left"

Sometimes it was to much, and added to other alcoholic consumption it was very much, well no damage was done (in the long term), indeed the picture bellow shows our very own attempt at a complete alcholic investigation. Before you start to do the same, please pay attention to this note,. do not drink Stienlarger - from New Zeland, it is the worlds worst beer.

Our beer collection, not all of them unfortunatly,.. but look,.. from Beck's to Bolindger,..

Indeed, this would only be possible thanks to the frankly, outrageious capitalisum of food stores here in the UK, thanks must go to Safeway, Tesco and Sainburys for providing all these quite bizzare forigen beers, without this we would not have been able to try all these new drinking experiences.

But it wasent just all hard drinking u know, and to prove this,.. damn, ough wait,.. well ok there was allot of drinking, and here is a picture that just had to be taken,.. we were indeed beer (or bier) engines, and so a picture of us outside our favorate 'named', but not favorate pub,.. i suppose that would be the Walkabout or Llyods,... but look it says, Beer - Engine,.. what more could u want,..

Umm,. the Beer Engines, outside the Beer Engine

Its, not faked, the only fake thing, is that i both took and appear in this picture, thanks to the wonderfull digital editing abilties of the GIMP,.. nice. The full versions of these pictures, and some ones from inside the beer engine are in the gallery section of the website,.. they may even be worth wasting some of your precious time on, or then again maybe not,.. you can stop reading this waffle now,.. im just going to keep going untill you stop, come on,.. look bellow,.. there are some more pictures, thats really all your interested in, nobody will ever read this text anyway,.. or will they ?

Ok,. this is a German Dice game called, Kniffel, now if you look where the arrow is placed,.. (yes the black blob thing). You may be able to see that there is a M, in the colum,.. and that stands for Matthew,.. now if you look down the row (yes i know its confusing),.. you may be able to make out that i have a score of 342,. which by my reconing means that i WON !!, amazing considering i was very drunk at the time and i had no idear what the rules were.

Well thats what comes from playing games of chance, there is allways the possablity that some stupid drunken english guy will beat the home nation.

Yes that is a leaning tower of toilet rolles,. and yes there is a good excuse. As some of you may realise when you have 6 people living in one house there is a very heavly load placed on the toilet paper stocks,. and as this stuff is so expensive in the UK, and is much, much (and im talking 1/3 rd) of the price,. in Germany, it was much more cost efficent to just have them bring it over. Indeed a system was created where the Germans exported Walkers Chrisps and Imported Beer and Toilet paper.

So here is our monument to the need for a single european currency and the home of some price syncronisation,.. and also a bit of engineering, because that tower is really quite high, indeed Bastain had to lift me up to put the top ones on the pile,.. tell me if thats not hardcore.

(mostly) drunken Germans in Action

Some very drunk Germans, - Christina's Brithday

Some very drunk Germans (again), - Few Days Before Leaving

Stupid Germans, - Another Party