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Yes DICE is back in development by Richard Drummond (of CU Amiga & Amiga Format Fame, well almost) he posted a re-compiled and rebuilt version of Matt Dillions source relase of version 3.15 of dice on 02/10/98, i was at the time looking for a new compiler, having used freedice for some time i decided to get this new version (3.16).

I responded to Richards request for help regarding the updating of the dice distribution and have since been in contact with Richard and have we discussed the direction for dice to advance in, not being and experienced coder i am mostly focasing on the documentation and other tasks.

DICE Links

True to my word here are some approprete links to the web pages of people once engaged in DICE, the full download is available at Richards site, Obvius's site, and from the aminet, the documentation and some of my own stuff is also availble here.

Of Course Matt Dillon was the orignal creator, however he does NOT want to get mail about Amiga / DICE stuff, mail me or Richard instead, cheers
Matts Mail Address Rember no silly mail.
Matts WWW Page Has loads of programming links, FreeBSD stuff and also some DICE related stuff. + Pictures of Matt Dillion

Obvious Implementations Corporation Onetime Makers of the DICE C compiler, they also have a 3.20 update that Matt, Richard and a I think is a bit dodgy.
Richards New Relase Get this now !!. Yep... a FREE fully working compiler Note any new versions will stay in the same format i.e. dice x.xx.lha/lzx
Matt Dillions Source Relase Check it out. Its v.big though...!!!

DICE Mailing List Low-volume, and full of ireverant banter.

The DICE Development Group.

Member Details



Richard Drummond Codeing GUIs, Compiler, Tools and loads of other stuff.

The man who started it all, (of CU / AF Fame)

Mail Richard Now ! comments/bugs/features/ideas
Richards Web Page (Full Download) Look Here First !!
Beta Project Manager Download A beta version of a new MUI-based project manager for DICE. NOT for gerneral distribution...!!!
This the home of the "official" (DICE) website. Go on try it. It is relly quite good, and has some good stuff.

Matthew J Fletcher AmigaGuide and RTF Documentation, Web Site, Installer, Misc Stuff

I was the first new blood to commit

Mail Me amimjf (at no spam please thanks)
My Virtual URL (for lazy people)

Current DICE AmigaGuide Docs(300k, LZXed),
Cut Down DICE Library Docs (TEXT)(50k, LZXed),
Online DICE Docs

Nathan J Harmsworth Supplementry Documentation
Mail Nathan now ! Flames etc
His Web Pages GoAD (Gathering of Amiga Developers) Check this out

Ian helped to create the offical (Richards) DICE website, and did quite a lot of proof reading (slave.!), for the docs.