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Personal Section, 'Credits Page'
You dont every really do anything on your own, more so in computing and its quite impossible to claim i did this without any outside influences at all. So here is my little section of recognition to those people who have greated some great software, great books, great ideas or just been there at the right time.

AmigaOS Rulez

Amiga Software Credits
This section attempts to give some due credit to those who made available tools that aided me in the development of this site when i was doing the initial development on my amiga.

Without these the development of this site into this form would have been very much harder and would have taken very much longer. It also happens to be IMHO a good list of some of the Amiga's top applications, most of which you should take the time to check out.

Linux Whips Ass

Linux Software Credits
When i jumped to linux, i needed to rebuild my entire development environment, it was only because of the outstanding software developed by the linux community that i was able to do so with such ease.

The following software projects are tester mount to the very best that Open Source (and/or) Free Software have provided to the computing world. As with my amiga software credits this is also a good list of top quality software that its well worth having a look at.

Miscellaneous Credits
Here i give a bit of credit to some other not so related persons, form big evil corporations to individuals and books that i think are a bit good.

I would also like to think the wonderful people of this planet for helping me, more so the computing community for being so nice and supporting throughout this whole project, without them this would not be possible, i would also like to think the little people, the cleaners, the handy man and the sandwich man for there support.