Places Section, 'Coventry'
The memory remains

Sometimes, being sent to conventry is used as an insult, but i rarther liked the place, its quite small so you dont get overwelmed by having masses of people around all the time. I was in coventry for 15 months during my placement working for Serck Controls. I lived in two diffrent houses during that time, both of which were a real effort to walk home from when drunk.

Some people would say that Coventry is just a shit whole, but i dident mind, it felt more like home because i knew most of it within a year, its hard to get lost but its not a village. But in the end a city is just that, it was the people that mattered more, and i really liked some of the guys i lived with and knew, just a pitty i had to leave but they are remembered here.

Ok now time for some Photos, yay !!

A nice park to walk home through when drunk

further on the journey home

My room at guys house (during june-july 2001 construction)

also my room but his time in our own house (yes it was that small),