Code Section, 'My Source Code and Binarys'

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Code Section, 'My Source Code and Binarys'
Well here are the sum contents of my programming life so far, with a few exceptions this is just about all i can say i have created with my own hands. Some of this may be usefull so somebody out there, most of it is just half finnished, half de-bugged stuff that i have let pass into the, well past.

I would also like to mention some of my pages i have written on the subject of programming languages, which you can look at here, or if you want to jump directly to my C vs C++ page.

AmigaOS Rulez

My Classic/NG AmigaOS Software
Here we have all the code that i have produced so far for the classic (m68k/PPC) and NG (VP) AmigaOS, this code was also mostly developed in the various bedrooms that i have occupied whilst i was a college and university student. Most of the Classic amiga sources were built with DICE or GCC and the binarys are m68k only. As you may have noticed most of this stuff has not been touched for a few years.

The 'super-dupa' (cheers Guy), NG software is of course built for VP by VPCC and so you have no trouble using it on any processor.

Linux Whips Ass

My Linux/POSIX Software
Dont be fooled by the above heading this section really contains current code for GNU/Linux, POSIX, BSD and other such compatible software. What this really means it that all this code is written with the standard c library and POSIX in mind, it does not use any fancy extensions beyond glibc. This does not mean i am stuck to the command line, it just means that when there is a choice i have used the clib version instead of any other.

Now for some quick apps, Kdevleop, SourceNavigator, QTDesigner, etc.

Miscellaneous Code
Here we have everything else that would (or could) not fit anywhere else, we currently have some Java Instant Messager Clones, some utilities written in REBOL as well as my one and only play with visual basic (im sorry honsit), we also have my very first peice of code, in pascal, nice.