Fluffy Rabits, Spam and Swimming Section - The Best Years Of Our Lives

Fluffy Rabits, Spam and Swimming Section - The Best Years Of Our Lives
So what exactly was the the best year ever ?, well it does not have to be when i was alive thats for sure. I started to think about this because in December 2001 / January 2002 i noticed that lots of great pieces of software having there 10th birthdays. It had occurred previously that lots of cool stuff had happend in 1969 also, i wanted to find out just a little more. So here is it, the best ever in history ever, II.


The Lockheed SR71 "Blackbird" - super sweet

  • NASA's X15 (rocket powered hypersonic research aircraft), achieves Mach 5 (3522.3 miles per hour) (thats the fastest manned powered flight ever).

  • The SR71 sets a number of world records, its the fastest sustainable flight aircraft ever ((speed of sound 1132 km / 704.66 miles per hour) * Mach 3) = 2114 miles per hour.
    • Other (still standing) Records Include;
    • Sustained Altitude (over 130,000 feet)
    • Speed Over Distance (Mach 3 curse / 2114 mph)
    • Absolute Speed (Mach 3+)
    • Two Cross Atlantic (East & West) timed crossings

  • NASA puts a man on the moon for the first time (Apollo 11 of course), and then got them (Steve Armstrong / Buzz Oldrin / damn i cant remember the guy who had to stay in the orbiter) back. It was just about the most amazing sustained effort ever achieved by mankind, which is pretty impressive. Unfortunately it did not really lead anywhere, but its inception lead to the immortal quote "we do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard", brilliant Mr Kennedy, if only a few other also believed in that idea.

  • Unix was created inside Bell Labs, on an unused PDP-8, as a document processor (troff), its has come on a bit since then. It would come from this into a worldwide standard for operating systems, inspire many clones (and indeed students), and for most of its life you have been able to get a free (with source) copy version of it.
    • Unix introduced to the world;
    • Open Source (the original source code was made available for only a reproduction fee).
    • A truly portable operating system.
    • And my personal favorate the 'seg fault' every programmers best friend even to this day

  • The C programming language was created by, Dennis Richie and Brian Kernigan. Whilst not radically new (BCPL / B and others were about the same), it was C with its absolute flexibility that became he most widely used programming language on the plannet, ever. If you want to find out what happened next then click here

  • And of course there was woodstock, the first (and one of the largest) gatherings of hippie chicks ever. It also started a rather nice tradition of open air rock concerts, which is nice.

Some Linux Developers 2001 and also a huge version (1600x1200)