Special Mentions, 'The Eric Cartman Page'

Eric Cartman

The Big Fat Ass Page
The most BEEF-CAKE collection

He is..

Eric Cartman,
The Fat Ass Houshold,
South Park,
90 Pounds (and rising)

Eric Cartman is.... GOD

Yes you must watch South Park, if not you are missing out on the vision of man-hood that we all should be aiming for, yep... Fat Ass himself. how can argue that his is not the life of a king, beefcake - BEEFCAKE.

But Eric is more than that he is the personification of what a real man should be, all that we aspire to and can but desire to achive in our lifetimes. We mere mortals must bow before his greater person, in recognition of his true greatness, we worship you.

Classic beefcake - BEEFCAKE.
Dolphins are stupid, thats why they live in iglius.
Hold onto your dreams, you can reach your goals i am living proof.
Hes pissed Off.
I am going to kill you guys, seriously.
You guys, seriously, i have to eat.
*Fart*, dude may ass !!!.
Sweet, i am such a beefcake i cant even get through the door.
I love cheesypoofs (SONG).
My god has forsaken me, im sorry god, please, please god.
Can i offer you ladies a cool beverage or tasty snack.
Now all we need is chicks.