The It Can't Be Good For You Section
(and how to get great food thanks to the wonders of the microwave)

Microwave food is usually just plain crap, yes u have to admit it,. its soggy, has no taste and is generally just rubbish. HOWEVER there is something better there is hope, there is the,..

"70 Second Microwavable; Beef Burger / Chicken Burger and BBQ Rib"

Just look at the magic !, ok so they may not that amazing but believe me these little baby's are the future. With microwavable food of this kind of quality available it seems fairly obvious that there is no need for real cooking, then we can all arse around being lazy bastards all day long.

What !, you don't know whats so amazing about these burgers,.. ok i will explain
  • Ready In Just 70 Seconds
  • Only Preperation is Opening the Box
  • Actually very nice (juicy & of decent quality), they are better than the average McDonald's, so there.
  • Cheep at only 1.49 (or 99 pence) in some places, they are also cheaper than McDonald's, double, so there.
  • I was the first person i know the buy & eat them,.. !!

Well, i suppose i cant really write any more about these, and at the moment I'm to busy thinking about a nice girl from Argentina, so I'm not totally dedicated to the burger cause,.. see ya. (aye).